Suburban Tales V: A Marble Hornets Movie

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AlwaysWatching_SlenderManI fully admit I’d never heard of the Marble Hornet / Slender Man web series, which became a phenomenon in the found footage genre, offering a new spin and format to tell the almost archeological story of what happened to a family seen in a box of found videotapes, and the local news crew who fall prey to the tall figure seen every so often hovering in the background of birthday parties, family park outings, or looking into the family’s house from outside.

Innately creepy, the mundane quality of a suburban home – new or a classic sixties bungalow – is milked in Always Watching: A Marble Hornet Story (2015), the first attempt to mount a theatrical, feature-length franchise of Troy Wagner and Joseph DeLage’s series.

It’s a decent effort that’s perhaps more rewarding for those preferring mood and weird ambiance over graphic gore, and while the final twist feels familiar, it sets up the franchise for another loop in which another group of characters will become doomed – if not to die, than live in fear of an urban and urbanely dressed grim reaper.

Coming next: reviews of Cub / Welp (2014) from Anchor Bay and Spider Baby (1967) from Arrow Video, plus the British flicks Carla’s Song (1996) and A Month in the Country (1987) from Twilight Time.




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