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Just uploaded are a quartet of fun action & sci-fi scores for video games. La-La Land Recorss have released a pair of beautifully mastered 2-disc sets for hans Zimmer’s Crysis II [M] and Bear McCreary’s SOCOM 4: Navy SEALs [M], and Bioware’s released Inon Zur’s music from Dragon Age II [M]. I’ve also added a review of Zur’s score for the first Crysis [M] (Sumthing Else Music) to rounf things out.

In a recent interview in May, Winifred Philips spoke to the Sound Byte Blog regarding life as a working film and video game composer. The Q&A runs a meaty 20 mins., and it’s a genial piece where Phillips discusses her career, including recent releases such as Sim Animals (2008), Spore Hero (2009), and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (2010).

Lastly, Universal recently released Ridley Scott’s Legend (1986) on Blu-ray, and the Digital Bits noted a few extras from the DVD weren’t ported over. Missing are “the 3 animated storyboard sequences, the production notes (that help to provide context for some of the extras), the standard cast & crew bios and – most importantly – the DVD-ROM features which included a script-to-screen viewer.” I reviewed the DVD when it emerged in 2002, and I keep having to clarify the following: the Tangerine Dream score is NOT isolated on the DVD; it’s the album tracks dumped into a separate audio track *in mono*. It’s a useless feature on the DVD and BR, and Universal most likely was told by The Dream’s management not to isolated the score in stereo, rather than the studio being cheap.

Those interested in the BR edition can read a Q&A between Film Score Monthly’s Andy Dursin and Special Features producer Charles de Lauzirika.



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