Suburban Tales IV: Durham County, Season 3

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"For God's Sake, someone love me"

Out this week is Canada’s Durham County: Season 3 (Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada / Muse International), probably the final time we’ll see how worse things can get for the Sweeney family unless the series creators go for a fourth season, or a possible feature-length film (which, quite frankly, is possible, since there’s only one really big loose end left).

Year 3 might be a bit too complicated for its own good, but the buildup towards the final episode is wonderful – gorier, crazier, and two leading characters pushed to extremes that should, under normal circumstances, push the average human into a state of total bonkers. Then again, we’re dealing with experts in pain management, which is why so many fans accept the outrageous behaviour than never manages to shatter the Sweeney household into smithereens.

The DVD review [M] is up, and there’s also a set of interviews I conducted back in 2010 prior to the broadcast of Season 3, so feel free to read a Q&A with series producers Adrienne Mitchell and Janice Lundman [M], and composer Peter Chapman [M].

And apropos of nothing in particular (unless you want to tie this towards another strange Canadian endeavor), there’s a series of videos chronicling one man’s 7 year ‘hobby’ in excavating his basement using remote controlled scale models. Just watch one video and tell me this isn’t crazy. It takes soooooo long… Wouldn’t he want the basement done by now?

In the 7 years since he began, VHS and VCR production ceased; Blu-and HD-DVD duked it out and we have a new standard HD format for film fans; TV signals have gone digital; and besides odd manufacturers probably using reconstituted glass, no one’s making TV tubes for consumer home theatres anymore.

Just saying….



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