George Fenton’s Frozen Planet

July 17, 2013 | By

Slight pause this past weekend on the reviewing to make room for the editing (and completion) of my entry for the 2013 Toronto Urban Film Festival / TUFF, which challenges filmmakers to reveal an aspect of urban life within 60 seconds. The winners will play in the TTC’s information displays – those monitors with news, train times, and weather reports – but prior to that there’s the judging and voting phase.

Regardless of whether my entry, To the ROM by Lightning, makes it to the first judging phase, I’ll upload a copy of the video to my Vimeo & YouTube channels, but here’s some teaser pics at Big Head Amusements which give a slight impression of the short-short’s experimental style.

Just uploaded is a review of George Fenton’s excellent music from the BBC series Frozen Planet [M] (Silva Screen), and I’ll have a set of soundtrack reviews shortly, composer podcasts, reviews of both the 1949 and 1980 Blue Lagoon films, and some Nikkatsu smut.



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