Window Horses at TIFF 2016 + Audience Q&A

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WindowHorses_stillPosted is a review of Ann Marie Fleming’s Window Horses, which had its North American premiere this past Sunday Sept. 11th at TIFF 2016 at the Isabel Bader Theatre.

Highly recommended film, and I’ve added to’s YouTube channel the post-screening Q&A that features director Fleming, star / co-producer Sandra Oh, and actors Don McKellar and Houshang Touzie. The audio quality’s meh – when hard surfaces create echoes, you’re limited by how much tweaking you can do before things get dodgy – but the group clearly had fun answering questions from a very appreciative audience.



Currently working on a review of Synapse’s excellent Blu-ray edition of Dario Argento’s Tenebre (1982) for Rue Morgue magazine (expect an expanded review comparing extras with the prior Anchor Bay edition, including commentary tracks. (An expanded review of Twilight Time’s Theatre of Blood will also be posted after it runs in an upcoming Rue Morgue issue.)

Now that the phone fiasco with Bell’s been resolved – a technician came & fixed, I made long calls to close up lingering issues – I can get back to work without most of my brain steeped in ire. It’s amazing how an ongoing headache can thwart concentration, as well as an uncertainty as to whether the restoration of one service will nuke another again.

I’ve also been working on a set-up to test the sale of royalty-free stock footage and loops derived from my podcast montages – extracts of certain objects, abstract patterns, or layers which might prove useful in other people’s creative endeavours. I spent most of last night re-organizing Big Head Amusements menus and categories, and hope to have the first batch of clips from the soon-to-be-posted Nima Fakhrara podcast excerpts available as a collection some time next week.

Coming next is a review of Otto Preminger’s psychological thriller Bunny Lake is Missing (1965), released in a solid special edition by Twilight Time.

Also coming shortly is a new podcast tied to the vinyl release of The Bourne Identity (2002), which to my eyes & ears is Varese Sarabande’s first original score soundtrack album since 1989.

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