CD: Signal, The (2014)

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Signal2014Score: Excellent

LabelVarese Sarabande

Released:  June 17, 2014


Tracks / Album Length:  22 tracks / (46 mins.)

Composer: Nima Fakhrara

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Newcomer Nima Fakhrara delivers a striking futuristic score using a blend of electronics and ancient organic sounds for The Signal, somewhat evoking the glassy tones of Cliff Martinez (Solaris).

After a loosely constructed main theme, The Signal quickly shifts into gear, often alluding to the changing states of characters and heir circumstances through short cues with steady pulses or theme fragments. Things get dramatically meaty in the longer “Hallway Roll,” a cue where Fakhrara makes use of chimes and assorted pulses which recur, revolve, and gyrate. It’s also a stellar cue for the seamless integration and emulation of various electronic sounds, showing Fakhrara’s astute knowledge of the subtle nuances associated with classic, vintage, and contemporary electronics.

Fakhrara also weaves through solo statements and sudden waves of saturated textures (plus an occasional circular pattern on strings), but it’s the recurring material evoking classic modular synths that really stand out in The Signal. The album’s sequencing is quite fluid, and most short cues form lead-ups to longer tracks that generally hover around the 4 min. mark. The clean mastering also brings out the score’s warm electronic tones that have a soothing analogue quality which should please fans of analogue-styled electronica.

A podcast interview with Nima Fakhrara is also available.



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