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JOHN OTTMAN (composer / editor / director) – 2008 – John Ottman discusses scoring Valkyrie (2008), and influential seventies thrillers.

JOHN OTTMAN (composer / editor / director) – 2000 – “The 3 Faces of John Ottman” – an unpublished interview with the Award-winning editor/composer on his directorial debut, Urban Legends: Final Cut. Discussed are the perils of the slasher genre, the dilemma of tightly budgeted sequels, and juggling a multitude of jobs during all three phases of a film’s production.



DANIEL PEMBERTON (composer) Witty and BAFTA-nominated composer Daniel Pemberton discusses writing the addictive themes and songs for the TV series Monster Moves (aka Huge MovesImpossible Moves, and Mega Moves).



OSCAR PETERSON (composer) Originally published in Music from the Movies, renowned jazz pianist and composer Oscar Peterson discussed his rare foray into feature film scoring, The Silent Partner, and his impressions on writing music for a less than forgiving medium.



WINIFRED PHILLIPS (composer) Winifred Phillips has built up a solid reputation as a composer comfortable in any media format, particularly interactive videogames, where she’s been nominated for and won a number of awards for her work using orchestral, electronic and digital instruments and materials. In our conversation, Phillips describes the demands of the interactive medium, as well as the creative rewards in scoring narratives with alternate dramatic possibilities.



JOHN PISCITELLO (composer) Up & coming composer John Piscitello discusses his work on the documentary No Place on Earth (2012).


DOUGLAS PIPES (composer), MICHAEL DOUGHTERY (writer / director)  A conversation with composer Douglas Pipes and writer/director Michael Dougherty regarding the art of crafting a perennial Halloween mini-classic, Trick ‘R Treat.


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