The Trouble with The Interview (2014)

February 21, 2015 | By

Interview2014_poster_sMy dissection of Rosewater (2014) will be up shortly – I’m adding related reviews to give the film some context, which you should find more intriguing that Jon Stewart’s flawed drama – so in its place is, er, the Seth Rogan-James Franco comedy The Interview (2014), which Sony eventually released on video to recoup some of the cash lost when the film’s box office potential was essentially quashed by that hacking scandal.

I’m keeping this post brief, as coming right up are a pair of supernatural thrillers – Robert Wise’s Audrey Rose (1971) + Carlos Mayolo’s Bloody Flesh / Carne du tu carne  (1983) – but what I’d rather see on video in place of The Interview is Comrad Kim Goes Flying (2012), a rare Belgium-UK-North Korean co-production which played at TIFF 2012, and featured a North Korean cast & crew.

Is it propaganda? Subversive cinema? Or the fluffy ‘girl power’ fantasy billed in the official film website? Who knows, because after doing the film festival circuit, it’s vanished, making the whole endeavor rather pointless. What is the purpose of making a movie to prove cooperation between nations is possible through film but the end-result is being restricted from the markets it should be reaching?




Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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