The Return of the Yes Men

July 12, 2015 | By

YesMenAreRevolting_poster_sThe infamous activist / pranksters return in The Yes Men Are Revolting, globe-trotting to various international destinations and coordinating elaborate pranks to shame bad governmental decisions and corporate antics.

The timing of the film’s release (currently enjoying an exclusive run at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema) is appropriate, given one of their targets is the Canadian government’s terrible environmental record, and its regressive stance on enacting targets and measures to slow down the effects of climate change. Given we have an election date in October, the doc’s another reminder in this country of what lies in store should the same party and its disinterested leader return for another term.

The Yes Men’s brilliance lies in their ability to use Candid Camera styled pranks with the gusto of Michael Moore to insert themselves into genuine or staged media events and get national / international coverage, proving how well a message – climate change is real – can resonate when packaged in something that’s hypnotically absurd.




Mark R. Hasan, Editor


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