Gysin and Burroughs’ Dreamachine

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Getting hippy-dippy-zippy-trippy with Brion Gyson (left) and William S. Burroughs (right).


Just posted is a pair of reviews on a unique gizmo known as a Dreamachine, conjured by William S. Burroughs and built by artist Brion Gysin.

In the first doc, released by Cult Epics, William S. Burroughs in the Dreamachine (2015), directors John Aes-Nihil and Dr. David Woodward focus on the author / poet during his final years, whereas in the NFB production FLicKeR (2008), also on DVD via Alive Mind, director Nik Sheehan fixates on co-creator Gysin with more backstories on the creators and the invention itself.

Coming next: soundtracks, and reviews of Brian Yuzna’s cult masterwork  Society (1989) from Arrow Video, and a pair of Hope Lange dramas from Twilight Time on shimmering Blu– The Best of Everything (1959), and one of the best WWII dramas of the 1950s, The Young Lions (1958).




Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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