Degrees of California Dreaming (1979)

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It’s also a state trapped somewhere in stale 1964 wacky hijinks.

Once in a while I come across a film that has peculiar tendrils to other films I’ve covered, and California Dreaming (1979) is certainly a perfect example of one movie with a cast (Dennis Christopher, Glynnis O’Connor) and crew (director John Hancock) whose work in TV or films were covered rather recently. There’s six degrees of separation, and maybe two (or three) degrees of separation when it concerns a film where relative newcomers happen to cross paths.

California Dreaming isn’t available on home video – old VHS tapes, TV airings, and YouTube are the current sources – but it should be, if not as a small curio then for fans of this not quite surfing dramady branded with a title taken from a popular song with rights issues that are apparently preventing it from gaining a legit release.

The review’s filled with a few links to related works starring or directed by its interesting cast & crew, but I’ll add that in addition to being tied to the Christopher-starring Breaking Away (1979), there’s also Summer Lovers (1982), since director Randal Kleiser also directed O’Connor in the TV movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976).

Director Hancock also directed the film Bang the Drum Slowly (1973) which starred Robert De Niro and featured a score by Stephen Lawrence, both of whom worked on Jennifer on My Mind (1971).

At least that’s my excuse for reviewing the film.




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