Meet the Worst Movie Ever Made: Manos – The Hands of Fate (1966)

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I took some time off during Xmas to work on the sound mix for BSV 1172, and catch up on some of the big, loud, boneheaded action films that came out in 2015,  partially because I wanted to test my modest 5.1 set-up and enjoy the oomph of a subwoofer. Those reviews will pop up later this week, but first up is Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966), one of the best worst films ever made, newly minted on Blu via Synapse Films, and sporting a great 2K transfer.

I’m with Manos restorationist Benjamin Solovny in that no film is undeserving of being cleaned up and preserved in HD for future film fans – it’s just the right thing to do, and quite frankly, every time a project forces technicians to grapple with a new issue (bad sound, damaged negative, maximizing quality from low-res film stock, etc.), what’s learned is added to the arsenal of tools that help future projects.

The movie may also serve as a cautionary tale that fertilizer salesmen do not make great film directors.

Coming next: a 2000 word examination on why Fifty Shades of Grey fails so completely as a work of erotica. Yes, really.

Also on the way: a pair of Philip Yordan-scripted westerns from Twilight Time, a classic noir, and enjoying 3D without dropping heavy cash on a smart TV and pricey accoutrements.




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