A Bigger Splash on Blu + Update on Updates

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Well, the events of the last 24 hours have been a bit surreal. After a bit of a wait, I was poised for a visit from Bell today, and yet between the allotted 8am-12pm, no one came. Cue ire, and another footnote in the absurd comedy that’s characterized my month-old quest to have a functional phone (that part’s now good) and functional high-speed internet (not yet).

I guess some stern words helped, because a technician was called in the evening, so perhaps when I return home, I’ll not only be able to climb out from a black hole of No Information (I know, there’s newspapers, radio, conversation, and random yelling on the subway, but it’s not the same as the world-world-weebe), but be able to start uploading the large files that have been idling on other media.

BiggerSplash_BRIn the interim, I’ve posted a review of A Bigger Splash, out on Blu via Fox, and the second and latest remake of Jacques Deray’s La Piscine (1969), which Francois Ozon remade in 2003 as Swimming Pool. Those who know me would expect I’d have reviews of all three films, but I’ve only access to the rated / bum-less edition, which isn’t the same; even Splash has its share of European-styled nudity [tasteful & naturelle], so I’ll save that review to run alongside the day I get my hands on the French Blu-ray that came out some time ago, and features both Deray’s French original and the weird English language version shot in tandem. (I kept hoping Criterion would put out their own special edition, since few of Deray’s films are available in Region 1 / A world, but no luck.)

If I’ve actual, functional, 100% All-Mine! internet tonight, coming next is a review of Arrow’s rather reverent restoration of Blood Bath, a set that gathers the Roger Corman-produced krimi Operation Titian (1963) which spawned three differently edited films because someone wasn’t happy with Version A, B, C, or D.




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