Orphan Film: The White Reindeer / Valkoinen peura (1952)

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WhiteReindeer1952_stampErik Blomberg and Mirjami Kuosmanen’s little folk tale of drama and horror was a Grand Prize winner at Cannes in 1952, but a DVD release of The White Reindeer / Valkoinen peura in North America’s pretty much non-existent.

It’s a cautionary story of a newlywed who just wants her husband to pay more attention in between herding reindeer in the harsh Finnish hills in peak winter. When her wish is granted, it’s also corrupted with an increasingly uncontrollable ability to transform into a rare white reindeer that lures herders to isolated pockets where they soon lose their blood.

Blomberg’s knack with the camera also pays off with stunning B&W cinematography, and Einar Englund’s score is exquisite, and within its short 65 minute running time it delivers mood, horror, and a slice of romantic rustic Finland.

Thanks to a generous friend (Thanks, Joe!), I’ve posted a review of the film from the French Region 2 PAL DVD, and it’s a little gem that horror fans should hunt down until a label like Criterion might spotlight Blomberg and Kuosmanen’s film in a deserved special edition Blu-ray (and if so, feel free to add an isolated score track, too).

Coming next: a review of Sidney Pollack’s odd little tragic-drama Bonny Deerfield (1977), new on Blu from Twilight, and sporting a director commentary track that insanely was never present on Sony’s Region 1 DVD.



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