The Eternal Mystique of Cats: Kedi (2016)

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Being allergic to cats, dogs, and birds, it’s impossible for me to have a cat, but I can visit friends’ feline companions and enjoy the squinting smile of supreme ecstasy that cats emit when they receive the perfect head, chin, or back scratch.

The greatest cat I ever knew was Nathan, an oddball who thought he was a dog because he was raised by a dog, and because I was one of maybe 3 people (including owners Norm and Kate) that he liked.

When I had a tooth pulled without being knocked out, the only thing that tempered the extraction hell was imagining Nathan meowing. It makes no sense, but maybe it relates to a common observation voiced by the humans in Ceyda Torin’s documentary Kedi / KEDi (2016), in which cats have a history of usurping excess and unwanted energy, and bringing a bit of peace when humans are stressed out.

“My understanding was this establishment offers a bottomless glass of tea. Has there been a misunderstanding on your part?

Stated in different words within the beautifully shot and scored film, “a cat meowing at your feet, looking up at you is life smiling at you.” I’ve posted a review of Kedi which begins its lengthy engagement at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.




Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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