TJFF 2017: The Return of Adam Bomb and The Garbage Pail Kids

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I never got into the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards because I was much older than the target audience, and I didn’t hear about them until the movie came out, and my instincts told me it was probably 99.99% crap – so I avoided it and anything tied to the franchise known by fans as GPK.

Jeff Zapata and Joe Simko’s 30th anniversary salute to the brand’s longevity delves into its amazing history and the incredible artists involved in the politically wrong images that were conceived by several key players, including Art Spiegelman, the mind behind the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel Maus.

30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story (2016) screened Sunday May 7 at TJFF, and I’ve posted a review on this exhaustive documentary, and for the curious, although I never got into GPK, at the age of 10 I would’ve been part of its target audience of kids with a goofy sense of humour who totally got commercial satire.

Mad Magazine was a regular purchase (and later Cracked, which was never as funny), and among the two very small boxes of trading cards and stickers that I’ve dragged place-to-place is a series of Donruss mutant baseball player sticker cards, of which I’ve pasted 3 samples below.

Dumb, gross, and and ridiculous, and perfect for a twisted child:






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