The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Season 1

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Although I searched far & wide, I couldn’t find some key vintage camera footage that was intended to relate to a more filmic blog post tied to my review of GLOW: Season 1, Netflix’s superb production based on the 1986 show Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in which non-pros were hired for a series that became a cult hit, and pushed the boundaries of a sport’s entertainment value with extreme ring personas.

As of this writing, Netflix’s series remains an exclusive – i.e., it ain’t on DVD – but perhaps in light of the (still Target exclusive) release of Stranger Things on a Blu-ray-DVD combo edition, maybe the show might find an extended life on a physical format when Season 2 debuts.

The review gives an overview of the show which boasts one of the most perfect pilots I’ve seen in years, and near the end of the piece there’s a link to a blog at my filmmaking site on the use of a vintage camera that’s not quite accurate.

You can jump to the piece at Big Head Amusements ahead of reading the review proper – there’s no spoiler material – but it’s one of those circumstances when someone (in this case, me) notices a continuity gaffe that needs to be called out. On this occasion, it’s a camera used as a camcorder, and while quite retentive, you could argue the slip shows how hard it is for a show’s prop team to get period details right, and how some compromises are inevitable when there are wardrobe, differing sets, vehicles, music, and language that need proofing & vetting.



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