Agusti Villaronga’s Moon Child: a Mystical Thriller for Adults

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Back in December of 2018, Cult Epics released the second film by Spanish director Agusti Villaronga, the dreamy, taut, mystical thriller Moon Child / El Nino de la Luna (1989) – a very different, far less controversial work compared to his feature film debut, In a Glass Cage (1986).

Cage is an extremely well made, deeply unsettling film that some might peg as ‘It’s brilliant, but I never want to see it again,’ whereas Moon Child is a mystical tale for adults, starring Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerard, who also composed the score with her band.

In my review I detail many of the film’s pros and a few weak spots, but it is a fascinating, slightly trippy thriller with tight atmosphere and gorgeous production design.

Coming next: an interview with writer-director and composer Dante Tomaselli, who details his latest immersive concept album Out-of-Body Experience, which is (rightly) billed as a sensory electronic music. In the works is a teaser video for my IGTV channel which should be up this weekend.

Also coming are reviews of two films starring Jean Peters – the goofy pirate actioner Anne of the Indies (1951), and her feature film swan swong A Man Called Peter (1955), co-starring Richard Todd, and released on Blu by Twilight Time – and Bruno Mattei’s Robowar (1988) on Blu from Severin.

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