Dante Tomaselli’s Out-of-Body Experience

July 27, 2019 | By

July 4th of this year marked the release of Out-of-Body Experience, Dante Tomaselli’s 5th concept album, a decidedly up-tempo but no less haunting and immersive sonic journey by the filmmaker, composer, sound designer.

Each CD captures his ongoing evolution as a sound artist, and as we discussed in our lengthy Q&A, portions harken back to his childhood, and feature crisp analogue synth tones, beats, and textures for a journey that’s markedly different from prior works like The Doll (2014).

A teaser video for the written Q&A is available on my Vimeo and YouTube channels, with a making-of blog at Big Head Amusements featuring gear stills and other rententia.

Coming next: former Twentieth Century-Fox actress Jean Peters is spotlighted in her feature film swan song A Man Called Peter (1955) on Twilight Time Blu, and courtesy of a Spanish release, a rare lead as a pirarte (Arrrrrrr!) in Anne of the Indies (1951).

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