DVD: I Love It from Behind! / Bakku ga daisuki! (1981)

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ILoveItFromBehindFilm: Very Good

Transfer: Very Good / Extras: Standard

Label: Impulse Pictures / Synapse Films

Region: 1 (NTSC)

Released:  December 11, 2012

Genre:  Japanese Pink / Adult

Synopsis: Before her sex life is ruined by imminent marriage, Mimei is on track to sleep with and collect ink imprints of her lovers until she discovers a stud muffin unable to reach pure satisfaction – or so he thinks!

Special Features:  4-page colour booklet with liner notes by Japser Sharp / Theatrical Trailer




Boasting a rich visual style in 2.35:1 ‘scope, Kouyuu Ohara’s I Love It from Behind! is a bizarre sex comedy in which experienced nurse Mimei (Junko Asahina) is determined to collect 100 ink imprints of male members before her impending nuptials, after which she figures any chance of good sex is pretty much over.

Mimei’s new roomies including Rei (Yumi Hayakawa), a lesbian who gets hives from the mere thought of being touched by men due to a nasty shave-and-assault from previous employer Kimura (prolific thespian Shinsho Nakamaru); and Rei’s little lover Masumi (Mari Kishida), who switches from using a vibrator to other long objects (the cucumber wins!) when Rei finds a different use for the vibe-machine.

Behind is beautifully filmed, and Ohara uses some great locations. Mimei’s walk through a shopping mall is one of many sequences where it’s clear the film was sometimes shot in a hit-and-run style, ignoring curious passersby gazing at the camera.

The movie’s also quite wrong in its moral machinations, spinning Rei’s ugly sexual assault into a revenge quest that’s played out for laughs (after subduing her newly manicured victims, Rei grabs her twisting, pre-buttered vibrator and exclaims “Turn Gay!” before impaling her victims from behind); and Mimei’s persistent pursuit of a stud Fukami (Kazuhiko Ishida), in spite of being ‘nearly raped’ in the closet of a department store.

The strange thing is, with all that wrongness, Behind manages to function as an well-acted goofball comedy with a few genuinely inventively sequences, of which the finale is easily the film’s topper: refusing to believe Fukami can’t be sexually satisfied, Mimei engages in a sexathon that runs for 55 hours, with snack breaks between and during assorted activities, until Mimei uses ‘an old nurse’s trick’ which results it a new kind of ‘creamy’ on-camera fadeout.

Prolific director Ohara also directed the women in prison films True Story of a Woman in Jail: Sex Hell (1975), True Story of a Woman in Jail: Continues (1975), New True Story of a Woman’s Detention Centre: Love Hell (1976), and Female Convict 101: Suck (1977),  plus the S&M cult classic Fairy in a Cage (1977).

Stage-trained and review performer Asahina also appeared in Nikkatsu’s comedic (and equally wrong) Horny Working Girl: From 5 to 9 (1982), but she eventually scaled back her film work after a busy period between 1981 – 1985. Co-star Nakamaru acted in two more films before becoming an assistant director on similarly mature-themed films.



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