Film: Nose – Searching for Blamage, The / Nose – Zoeken naar Blamage, The (2013)

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NoseSearchingForBlamage_poster_bFilm: Excellent

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Genre:  Documentary / Hot Docs 2014

Synopsis: Perfume maestro Alessandro Gualtieri (“The Nose”) scours the globe for the perfect ingredients that will yield his latest creation, dubbed “Blamage.”

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The playfulness of perfume creator Alessandro Gualtieri is captured in Paul Ritger’s bubbly and infectious film, as Gualtieri and his extraordinary nose travel from Holland to India, Dubai, and Morocco in search of the most authentic ingredients to create his third perfume, branded “Blamage,” for his own independent label.

With his twisting handlebar mustache and rapid-fire speech in fluent Dutch, English, and Italian, Gualtieri is an enigma. The son of a butcher blessed with a memory and ability to recall and discern precise scents, the walking & talking ‘Nose’ also looks for ‘the perfect accident’ in which repeated experiments and serendipity will yield the right formula for his new scented masterpiece. Gualtieri also seeks to interact with people anonymously by placing ‘sniffing stations’ in random places so passersby can explore the latest stage of Blamage’s evolution. Stunningly photographed, briskly edited, and buoyantly scored, The Nose is a giddy whirlwind about a genius highly appreciative of authentic sandalwood, sweetbreads, rare oils, and a little shit.



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