A Cream-Coloured Dreamworld / Once Upon a Sunny Day

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Dreamworld2012_BROne of the things I like about the lovely Blu-ray edition for Ryan Darst and Whit Hertford’s Dreamworld (2012) is the inclusion of short films where one can trace some of the ideas fleshed out in the feature film – the lead character’s persona, his search for career & companionship, and Darst’s visual style that evolves from attractive to really striking.

Dreamworld has more than a few flaws, but it’s an intriguing feature film debut by a group determined to craft, produce, and release their improvised-inspired work on their own terms. The lengthy review covers the film and some of the extras in Sneak Attack / CAV’s Blu-ray, released back in January when the weather was cold, a little wet, and the sun was in short supply.

Like the current non-spring that’s dotting both Canada and the U.S. (Whoever offended Mother Nature, APOLOGIZE NOW. Your doctored photographs and rude comments are not funny, and that Facebook page you created of Mother Nature with a goat offended my grandmother. Shame on you.)

May 1st isn’t as ugly as April 30th, but here’s what we were enjoying a year ago today, and what should happen soon (after Mother Nature receives that act of contrition, with negatives of the fake goat):

Nice, eh?



Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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