Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors + TJFF 2014: Claire Bloom

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‘Spring has sprung, da grass has riz, and dis is where da boideeze is.’

As the Victoria Day holiday weekend winds down before the usual round of fireworks at dusk, we’re finally getting real samples of spring – you know, the season when sun and light rain bring out the buds, flowers, and birds, plus real warm weather.

The schizophrenic nature of this year’s weather is projected to bleed into June, but as long as we don’t dip below 15 degrees for long stretches and get saddled with extended days of blacchy rain, I’m good. Just wish the damn raccoons weren’t so prolific in my hood.

The first set of reviews this week begins with Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) starring Martin Landau. Among the huge cast of fine actors is Claire Bloom, who appears in a small role as Landau’s wife, oblivious to her husband’s illicit affair with a possessive and whiny woman (Angelica Huston).




Also added is a review of British Legends of Stage and Screen: Claire Bloom (2012), an episode from a multi-part doc series from England where the veteran actress discusses her life, career and loves. The doc was screened at this year’s TJFF, and is available with the other 9 episodes in a Region 2 3-disc DVD set.



Hi! Meet Claire! The air conditioner’s broken, and boy is she hot!


Bloom’s career is still ongoing, having stolen scenes from star Martin Clunes as Doc Martin’s mother in the successful ITV series. It’s a great understated performance as the world’s most repulsive mum, and hopefully she’ll return in some degree in the next season. (Clunes has reportedly confirmed Season 7 will begin shooting in 2015.)

Coming next: a review of The Pleasures of Being Out of Step (2013), the new documentary on jazz writer Nat Hentoff which screened at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema yesterday.



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