Winifred Phillips’ Guide to Game Composing

May 22, 2014 | By

ComposersGuideToGameMusic_sSince 2005, Winifred Phillips has been scoring video games in action, fantasy, family, and movie-themed genres, and her 2014 book A Composer’s Guide to Game Music (MIT Press) presents a highly inspirational intro to her craft that’s also applicable to related creative fields within the music, sound design, and editing disciplines.

In tandem with the book review are a pair of related score reviews which have been integrated from the old database – SimAnimals (2008) and Spore Hero (2009).

I’ll also have another set of game soundtrack album reviews shortly, but prior to that will be a podcast interview, as soon as I finish up on some picky sound restoration. (This one’s derived from a phone recording with wavering audio levels, mandating reshaping volume envelopes by hand.)




Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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