CanCon 101: Our Man Flint – Dead on Target (1977)

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GayRowan_OurManFlint_TVMWhile updating a few links on the reviews of Twilight Time’s Our Man Flint (1966) and In Like Flint (1967) Blu-rays, I came across a review of a film that was never published on this site as part of CanCon 101, my recurring feature on the good and the bad produced during Canada’s tax shelter years.

Introducing the crap-tastic CanCon TV pilot Our Man Flint: Dead on Target (1976).

This low, low budget production features Ray Danton as a wooden Flint, The Starlost’s Gay Rowman, The Trouble with Tracey’s Franz Russell, Danger Bay’s Donnelly Rhodes, and a blink-fast-and-she’s-gone Kim Cattrall, with meh direction by Starlost’s Joseph Scanlan and a script co-written by Starlost’s Norman Klenman.

There are good films made by fine people in Canadian Film.

This is not one of them, whatsoever.

This lopsided, pock-marked, green-stained potato was originally showcased in a prior CanCon 101 installment, but I only made it live on the old site, so here it is where it belongs.

Coming next: the Roy Budd-scored version of Phantom of the Opera, plus later this week, reviews of Synapse’s most excellent Blu-ray editions of CanCon classiques Curtains (1982) and Prom Night (1980)… and a related / forgotten gem no one’s likely heard of.




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