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EliaCmiral_pic_mElia Cmiral is one of Hollywood’s golden secrets – a composer skilled in writing for large orchestra, electronics, and hybridizing sounds from both disciplines into dynamic scores for any genre.

Best-known for the breakthrough scores for the 1988 cult thriller Apartment Zero (screaming for a special edition Blu-ray release) and John Frankenheimer’s Ronin (1998), Cmiral’s also scored period dramas like Juraj Herz’ Habermann (2010), and a multitude of horror films, including the 2008 indie shocker Splinter (a beautiful soundscape of mangled electronica), and the vicious scores for Wrong Turn (2003) and The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007).

His latest works include the shocker Cam2Cam, and the third part of the Atlas Shrugged series, Who is John Galt? of which the grandly orchestral music is available on CD directly from Atlas Productions, and digitally from iTunes and Amazon.com.

In our conversation, Cmiral discusses scoring Who is John Galt? and Cam2Cam, plus being the subject of a new documentary by fellow Czech director Petr Kanka – Elia Cmiral: Part 1, which premiered at the Golden Prague International Television Festival.

Hopefully the doc will be released on video, if not online, for everyone to enjoy.

I’ll have related soundtrack reviews shortly – I’m just finishing up on posting a Q&A with director Dante Tomaselli at my Rue Morgue blog – but here’s the link for the podcast on Youtube:



Those interested in the visuals can see HD extracts and read some background info at Big Head Amusements.

Lastly, feel free to check out the Interview Archive to read my prior interviews with Cmiral.




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