An Interview with Torture Chamber’s director, Dante Tomaselli

November 8, 2014 | By

TortureChamber_posterJust posted are reviews of Dante Tomaselli’s latest film release, Torture Chamber (Cinedigm Home Entertainment), and the first of the director’s three soundtrack / concept albums, the haunted house music-effects immersion Scream in the Dark (MVD Audio / Elite Home Entertainment), and if you jump over to my Rue Morgue blog, I’ve a lengthy interview with the director on the making of Torture Chamber plus the cancelled thriller The Ocean, and his first two albums, including The Doll, which is reviewed in the November issue of Rue Morgue. (Those interested in a prior and equally lengthy Q&A I did with Tomaselli can go HERE.)

Also in this month’s RM is my review of the really neat faux soundtrack album Videogram (blending aspects of John Carpenter and Goblin), and the nutbar / not-really a sequel to Nosferatu (1979), the Klaus Kinski mess Prince of the Night / aka Nosferatu in Venice / aka Vampire in Venice (One 7 Movies), which had a hugely troubled production history before being released in 1988.

‘Round Monday I’ll have some soundtrack reviews, followed by another Twilight Time Goes to War installment, featuring a pairing of their new Blu-ray edition of Oliver Stone’s Salvador (1986) and a related film co-starring Elpedia Carrillo that’s reviewed from, er, a Betamax source.




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