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Electricity2014_MP3Score: Excellent

Label: MovieScore Media

Released:  December 9, 2014


Tracks / Album Length:  10 tracks / (29:25)

Composer: John Lunn

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MovieScore Media delivers another fascinating score evoking the rich warm analogue sounds of early synthesizers, but unlike Test (2014), John Lunn’s Electricity doesn’t seem to have been written to fit between period songs.

Lunn’s switch from episodic TV (Downton Abbey) to ethereal electronica is quite haunting, largely because he uses a limited palette that includes piano and modular synths to create hypnotic tones, reverberations, and sound clouds that drift in and expand outward before evaporating in the near distance.

Piano adds tenderness to the 10 cues that make up this fairly compact album, but the electronic elements aren’t sterile; supporting the sometimes free-form tempo and extended pauses, the sonics of Electricity are often quite delicate, with dissonance appearing in brief elliptical synth tones, an accentuation of bass tones which are perhaps a few steps away from the echoes of human voices, and a mild drones in stellar tracks like “Waiting.” “Bye Dave” switches from echoey keyboards to coarse bass drones prior to a return to more poignant piano variations, and tones are reverse-processed in the more stern “Enough, No More, That’s It!”

“Big City” is an homage to Tangerine Dream (the rhythmic pulses are evocative of the band’s 1984 score Wavelength), but there’s an interesting electric guitar solo which is rooted in seventies psychedelia. Bass pulses and electrified taps make up the closing bars of “The Right Thing,” and Lunn closes the score with a more cohesive theme version (“To Start Over Again”) in which elliptical piano figures evoke a mandolin, while flanging beats propel the somber cue towards its conclusion, leaving us with a cloud of sonic echoes before a final fadeout.



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