MP3: Cub / Welp (2014)

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12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}Score: Excellent

Label: Relapse Records

Released:  October, 2015

Tracks / Album Length:  9 tracks / 38 mins.

Composer: Steve Moore

Special Notes:  n/a




Steve Moore’s latest film score unfolds like a Tangerine Dream score with fuzzy bass lines akin to John Carpenter in a really pissed off state, and it’s a fusion of elements that give the score dramatic contrasts, and ensure tracks aren’t mere homages. Cub is bleak – the eddying synths in “Casselroque” are more typical of a lean & mean slasher score – but Moore adds hollow percussion hits that evoke the darkness of a labyrinthine forest, and his shape-shifting tones are quite artful, especially in the varying timbres and fine performance and engineering details.

Cub’s design relies on simple thematic material, but Moore manages to express a variety of dread and desperation through minimal instrumentation. “The Treehouse” is especially moving (and recalls early Graeme Revell) with its plaintive violin emulations, organ figure, and molten bass reverb, whereas the 11 min. “The Hunt” has dripping tones and drainpipe reverb reminiscent of Tangerine Dream’s Sorcerer, with a gradual descent into grunge and bass. Very nicely done.

Moore’s non-film work includes a soldi collaboration with A.E. Paterra as Zombi on the album Shape Shift (2015).



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