The Interior (2015) + BSV 1172 to Premiere at SDUFF 2016

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Before I get to the latest review, a few interesting news tidbits, including some great news about my short film BSV 1172.

First, Canadian connoisseurs of the strange and the provocative will be delighted to know Vinegar Syndrome now has domestic distribution via Unobstructed View. Expect some of those import prices to get a nudge down among retailers.

Secondly, Variety reported today that Richard Linklater’s next film will be a sequel to The Last Detail, based on the follow-up novel penned by author Darryl Ponicsan in 2005.

According to the article, the novel is set during the Iraq War and “sees the return of the classic characters Billy Bad-Ass, Mule, and the hapless Meadows. The former Navy petty officers (played by Nicholson and Young in the original film) come to the aid of the ex-con (then portrayed by Quaid) trying to bring home the body of his son, who was killed in Iraq.”

Thirdly, new label Syndicado’s released both Blu and DVD editions of Trevor Juras’ eco / psychological thriller film The Interior (2015), filmed partly in Toronto and B.C.’s interior (get it?). Juras’ story deals with a burnout who engages in a northern variation of a walkabout, except he may or may be going mad in the process.

The narrative has its share of flaws, but Interior is worth a peek for its gorgeous look, sound design, and a few good jumps once James (pictured above) decides life is just fine in the deep woods.

Fourth, I should have a new podcast up within the next week or two – the theme is vinyl reissues – and a new set of film reviews will be up shortly.

SDUFF_2016Lastly, BSV 1172, my experimental documentary on Toronto video store Bay Street Video, has been selected for inclusion at the San Diego Underground Film Festival, where it’ll make it’s World Premiere on Saturday the 12th in the programmed 10am-12pm group.

Details are being added to SDUFF’s site, and I’ll post more info as it emerges.

Also in the works is a new trailer to be cut within the next week or two. Those curious about the short can see the prior teaser, archived on my Vimeo page:


And YouTube channel:


When it’s done the festival rounds (hopefully making an appearance in at least one cinema in my home town), the film will be available is a packed special edition to rent & buy.




Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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