ArtScopeTO 01: The Urban Gallery + Interviews with Annie Mandlsohn & Robert J. Brodey

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Toronto’s Urban Gallery


The latest media reportage at is a change of pace for the site and myself. Last Thursday I attended the launch of the latest exhibition at Toronto’s Urban Gallery, featuring the works of returning artists Annie Mandlsohn and Robert J. Brodey.

Urban Gallery manager Calvin Hambrook has created a deep space in the 400 Queen Street East location to showcase the works of local and visiting artists, of which selected art is curated, mounted, and displayed by Allen Shugar .

What makes the Urban Gallery quite unique is its open application system, in which artists can approach the gallery, rent the space for a month as a solo or pair of artists (and enjoy the launch party with guests), and receive commission-free proceeds from the sale of displayed works – a great maneuver to get one’s foot in the door of the art world, and test the waters of the public and art aficionados.

From Wed. October 6 to Sat. Oct. 29, the Urban Gallery is hosting the mixed media works of Annie Mandlsohn and photographer Robert J. Brodey, and I’ve posted a short video which also contains comments from curator Shugar and the artists on specific aspects of their work.







The original podcast design was nixed in favour of a series of interview extracts from the live setting, supported by the animated sound waves from an oscilloscope with some bridge commentary and exhibit snapshots. More info and stills on the gear used in making the video – the first in an occasional series branded ArtScopeTO – can be found at Big Head Amusements.

Annie Mandlsohn’s represented works include “Shimmering Rock,” part of a 4-panel mounted piece incorporates differing media to create a shimmering narrative, works derived from natural and personal objects with their own unique backstories, and a series of beautiful abstract paintings using almost neon pastel colours (a personal favourite).



Mixed media art copyright Annie Mandlsohn. All rights reserved.


Mixed media art copyright Annie Mandlsohn. All rights reserved.


Mixed media art copyright Annie Mandlsohn. All rights reserved.


Robert J. Brodey’s photographs are finely detailed works emphasizing the relationships between landscapes, light, and extreme physical formations. Mountains are a recurring character, and the variety of photographs share a connection to cultures and sights outside of Toronto.



Photo copyright Robert J. Brodey. All rights reserved.


Photos copyright Robert J. Brodey. All rights reserved.


Photos copyright Robert J. Brodey. All rights reserved.


If there’s a common thread to the work of Mandlsohn and Brodey, it’s their ability to escape from the busy city environs by exploring aspects of the world outside of Toronto, and bringing the results of their creative travels home in mediums that are visually striking, tactile, and enriching.

“Visual Trails & The Geography of Light2” runs at the Urban Gallery until Sat. Oct. 29th. Gallery hours at the 400 Queen Street location span Monday to Friday 12pm-5pm, Thursday 12pm-8pm, and Saturday 1pm-5pm. Additional video footage of Mandlsohn discussing her 4-panel work is also available on YouTube.

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Coming shortly: review of Art Bastard, a documentary om NYC artist Robert Cenedella + a podcast interview with director Victor Kanefsky, and Twilight Time’s extras-laden Blu-ray of Count Yorga (1970).



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