Podcast Interview with Age of Consequences Director Jared Scott

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After premiering at this year’s Hot Docs, Jared Scott’s The Age of Consequences (2016) gets its theatrical run in Canadian cinemas, and as Scott points out in my podcast interview, its release actually precedes the American run, perhaps a quirk of distribution agreements, or a testing maneuver to see how Scott’s provocative film on climate change is received and impacts audiences, if not build up extra media cred in case it’s branded as socialist propaganda by less open-minded media outlets.

One could brand the film An Inconvenient Truth 2.0, but Consequences offers more tactile information tied to current (and sadly ongoing) political and social crises that continue to recur in daily news reports. It’s also a film whose timing may prove ideal, offering a contrasting, rational view on climate which, as news pieces seem to infer, may become a lesser issue with the looming Trump Administration.

Scott’s interviewees are primarily former military officials and service men and women who’ve experienced combat, seen the worst of humanity devour itself, and recognize the stressors that can push populations towards desperate actions; add radical changes in climate, and you get rippling humanitarian crises.

In tandem with the review, I’ve posted the podcast interview on KQEK.com’s iTunes, Libsyn, and YouTube channels, and coming soon is another Hot Docs entry, Do Not Resist (2016), on the gradual militarization of local police departments + a podcast interview with director Craig Atkinson. Joining those pieces will be a review of Severin’s Blu-ray edition of The Killing of America (1981), a controversial half-documentary / mondo film packed with grisly examples of senseless violence.

Coming next: a review of Damiano Damiani’s excellent docu-drama The Most beautiful Wife / La Moglie Più Bella (1970), new on Blu from Twilight Time.



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