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November 18, 2010 | By

In 2006, debuted with a mix of content from my writings for Told You So Productions, as an archive for print material written for the glossy journal Music from the Movies, plus new & regular content that included interviews and reviews that have boosted the site’s content to more than a 1000 reviews.

The next step is to go mobile, because far too many people are using smart phones to browse the internet, and I’ve personally heard a few devices emit electronic screams of pain when they attempted to load the Main Site, due to its significant graphic content.

(The irony, however, is that while 4 years ago the Main site loaded slow on computers, it now loads fast because I made a point in using as little Java as possible, and zero Flash – two monsters that have becoming the biggest processor drain around.)

In any event, the Zippy Mobile Edition is live, and will load on gizmos without fear of screams or little tiny digital tears from data overload.

The emphasis is on text, and I’ve ported over every single interview, plus book reviews and links to the scanned and archived Music from the Movies material.

Film reviews (BR, DVD) starting from Oct. 1 are also present, and I’ll have the equivalent in soundtrack reviews up by the end of Friday. (In fact, a handful of new CD reviews will be up this evening.) The tally of isolated scores on DVD and Laserdisc will be fully loaded by Sunday, and over time older film and soundtrack reviews from the archives will be added, boosting the Mobile site’s content significantly.

I’d suggest for now you visit the About page for more info, and be patient with any bugs. (I’ve swatted them out of existence, but I’m sure there’s one or two still hiding between html links and page breaks.)

Just added: soundtrack reviews for John Scott’s Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes [M], and Miles Goodman’s Dunston checks in [M] (both from La-La Land). Note:  the “[M]” signifies a direct link to the Mobile review.

Just heard and to be reviewed in an upcoming Rue Morgue issue:  John Frizzell’s Alien Resurrection, which sounds wonderful in La-La Land’s new 2-disc set.

Thanks for your patience, as setting up a new site is a great big time-hog, but I think it was worth it. Hopefully you’ll find the portable content fun during long, boring subway or bus rides, or when annoying family members blather after Sunday dinner and the kids are playing ‘the wall is a rubber surface from which I can bounce’ game that never ends well for anyone.



Mark R. Hasan, Editor


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