Podcast Interview with Saint Judy Composer James T. Sale

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Saint Judy (2018) director Sean Hanish and composer James T. Sale.

My podcast with composer James T. Sale is up on GooglePlay, iTunes, Libsyn, and YouTube [to follow], and it’s KQEK.com’s first podcast of 2019 after a slight pause to recharge & rethink where the site’s components should be going.

Sale’s skills include arranging and orchestrating a multitude of films and genres, but his 12 years with Mark Mothersbaugh was perhaps the most instructive. His latest work is Saint Judy, Sean Hanish’s bio-drama on attorney Judy Wood, who pushed for changes in the way the U.S. processes and accepts immigrants seeking asylum.

Saint Judy (2018)

It’s a prescient drama that actually predates the discord during and continuing after the country’s recent Presidential elections, and in our conversation Sale relates his connection to the subject matter; his grandfather’s flight from revolutionary Iran is itself dramatic.

Toronto’s not unique in having a diverse population, but it is a city comparatively smaller than London, Los Angeles, New York, etc. yet it’s packed with cultures from many countries, including nations still wrestling with or struggling to find peace after years of strife.

To ride Toronto buses, streetcars, and subways yields rich sounds from the various languages that transform a routine ride into a small concert of flowing voices, and for modest foodies like myself, it’s not hard to find specialty shops with spices, herbs, and condiments from around the world, and restaurants featuring indigenous food.

In the realm of music, as well as film music, having a diversity of composers adds to the variety of sounds, experimentation, blending of cultures, and freshness that keeps the art form and film itself refreshing.

My next composer podcast will be up round mid-April, and coming shortly is a review of Severin’s Jack the Ripper (1958) Blu-ray, followed by Twilight Time’s Bedazzled (1967).

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