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Apparently someone got married today.


More important is Hot Docs, which begins this week and is apparently the world’s biggest showcase of short and long-form docs on planet Earth. The selection is diverse (with a slight slant towards human misery), and screenings are scattered across the city – meaning unlike TIFF, there are venues in and around Bloor Street.

(TIFF used to screen festival films before things were centralized in and around Queen Street, and while not a bad thing per se, I do miss the waves of dog-tagged festival goers trodding along Bloor, looking dazed from too many movies, not enough fluid intake, an a sense they’re in some weird inter-dimensional plain where time has been frozen for about 2 weeks. Don’t pretend you’ve no idea what I’m talking about.)

I plan on seeing a handful of films, and I’m delighted to say none were advanced reviewed in NOW Magazine, so nothing’s been spoiled so far. I’ll have reviews and links over the next week.

In the meantime, I’ve uploaded a quartet of long-delayed soundtrack reviews which all happened to come from Lakeshore Records: Marcelo Zarvos’ engaging Beastly [M], Cliff Martinez’ Lincoln Lawyer [M], Chris Bacon’s Source Code [M], and Tyler Bates’ Super [M] (sandwiched between a number of source songs).

Coming next is an interview with Andrew Burashko, whose Art of Time Ensemble recently mounted a live performance of Orson Welles’ Halloween prank The War of the Worlds, plus some related links.

Who got married again?



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