Eros V: Farewells & What-the-Hells

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'Was ist dir bedansk in mittem badtraum? Kanst moor privaatskum lassen bittet?'

In the fifth of this ongoing series on cinematic naughty-naughties, we (I) examine a pair of very odd erotic films with spastic editing – a strange coincidence, or perhaps the result of newbie directors trying to figure out something called Narrative Structure.

Christina Lindberg (Anita) had done a fare stretch of erotic films before she decided to scale back her career to, well, nothing, and focus on writing – partially the result of her husband deciding the only person privy to her privates on celluloid was him.

Wide Open / Sängkamrater [M] (Impulse Pictures) was designed as a spoof by its director, but Gustav Wiklund perhaps didn’t realize the challenges of riffing off erotic & softcore films when he still had to deliver naked goods. The result is a film that’s narratively wonky, but more watchable than expected.

Biggest surprise: 35 years after they appeared in the film, the Swedish kitchen furniture and bed linen actually look modern. A breast is a breast and a bottom is a bottom, but who new the IKEA was that everlasting?

The second release in this series is Sex, Demons and Death / Diabolicamente… Letizia [M] (One 7 Movies), where the supernatural is expressed through the deft-less directorial hands of Salvatore Bugnatelli, a filmmaker perhaps correctly paralleled with Ed Wood, Jr. It’s almost a good-bad film, but not quite, and yet it has a special fromage factor that’s unique.

It’s morally bankrupt, and a fusion of genres that don’t really blend, but it does feature some remarkably bad editing. How many times can you cut together shots of an eyeball? Plenty! according to Bugnatelli.



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