A Nightmare on Elm Street, Part II

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Zut! Freddie est retourner!

Okay, I’m back from a long stretch finishing up on a 7000 word essay on Rituals (1977), the classic CanCon flick that brought in the forest slasher genre. The essay’s been submitted to the editor, so hopefully you’ll be able to read it sometime in 2013, when the anthology streets. More details on the book as it emerges.

Now then.

Backlot galore of reviews & stuff, so I’m starting off with Warner Home Video’s new Nightmare on Elm Street double-bill on Blu. First up is A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge [M] (1985), aka Freddy is Making Me Like Boys, and I Don’t Know What to Do ! which looks great in HD, larded with some of the extras from prior boxed sets.

Also of note: NOW’s Norman Wilner posted a piece for MSM regarding Warner Home Video’s new 8k (Eight K?) restoration of Wylliam Wyler’s Ben-Hur which is out on Blu, too. I’m, staving off a review because I’m keeping fingers crossed the new uber-HD transfer will make its way to the Lightbox, where I’ll be able to wave at Charlton Heston and warn him about Stephen Boyd‘s fast approach during the chariot race. From the sounds of it, the 8K restoration is that clear, it’s almost interactive.

Coming vert shortly, reviews of The Exterminator (Synapse) and Exterminator 2, the sequel no one wants, because seeing the once virile vigilante defende the poor, the underprivileged, and the exploited with a garbage truck is, well, sad.



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