Go on… Bite the Bullet!

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Oh you nasty, murderous bala!

It’s Victoria Day in Canuckleland (this is what we do on this ‘combustible’ salute to Queen Victoria), and starting the new week is a review of Bite the Bullet [M] (Twilight Time), a 1975 western written & directed by Richard Brooks, and kind of forgotten, missed, and ignored because it’s just never managed to reach a broad fan for unknown reasons.

This happens to films all the time, particularly small films, but Bite isn’t a micro-budget B-movie; it’s a sprawling western about a cross-country horse race featuring stunning widescreen cinematography, amazing action scenes & stunts, striking locations, and a pounding Alex North score. It’s also one of the best-looking HD transfers of a classic out this year, and Sony ough to be proud they have such a great team of technicians transferring their rich catalogue to HD.

I still think they’re nuts for not making a speciale edition of their own (Gene Hackman and Candice Bergen are still alive, you know), but it all works out for Twilight Time, since they’re becoming the main label of classic Hollywood catalogue titles on Blu. The review’s up, and coming shortly is a lengthy review of Warner Home Video’s Casablanca BR boxed set, and soundtrack reviews, plus a review of Brian Jamieson’s affectionate Nancy Kwan documentary, To Whom It May COncern: Ka Shen’s Journey.



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