John Steinbeck on Blu

September 4, 2012 | By

Between camera set-ups, Ms. Collins entertains the merry cast & crew with her uncanny impression of the African Luk-Luk Gazelle.

Twilight Time’s continuing mining of the Fox CinemaScope catalogue unearths a film I’ve never heard of: The Wayward Bus [M] from 1957. This very odd adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel features an ensemble cast headlined by Joan Collins and Jayne Mansfield, and the supporting cast features faces and voices of veteran character actors you’ve probably seen in other studio productions (but can’t precisely remember).

I’ve uploaded a review of TT’s Blu-ray (which also features an isolated stereo track of Leigh Harline’s score), and will have the two Jennifer Lynch reviews up this week.

After the computer crash last week (most likely due to a lethal combination of insufficient memory, internal dust bunnies, and possibly a few cyber-bugs), everything seems to be working again… except one batch of programs (like, the ones I need to create basic titles for the audio file).

Coming next: four robust reasons to watch Twins of Evil on Blu from Synapse Films.


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