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October 11, 2012 | By

It’s Thursday, and I’m still recovering from filming Tuesday night until nearly 8am and being awake for more than 20 hours. Feels like jet lag (and that I should be in Japan right now), except I never left the city. So very, very strange.

The next set of reviews will come out in odd clumps. The following CD reviews would’ve been uploaded Wednesday had my brain not been throbbing. One more filming all-nighter, and I’ll be into the editing. Expect a teaser trailer by Oct. 20, just in time for International Independent Video Store Day.

Just uploaded are reviews for Cliff Martinez’ Arbitrage [M] via Milan, and BSX Records’  solid re-recording of Vangelis’  Blade Runner [M] score, featuring a balance of familiar and hard-to-find tracks.

Quick news bits: the new Complete Mr. Lucky TV series DVD set from Timeless Media Group includes a bonus CD of Henry Mancini’s music. No info on exactly what’s on it, in terms of whether it offers unreleased material or is a straight compilation of the Mr. Lucky and Mr. Lucky Goes Latin LPs.

Also: DVD Savant recently posted a blurb about a Cinerama screening that featured surviving 3-panel versions of The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962), and Search for Paradise (1957). Interesting is last graph on the page (see link) that details the various guests present during the screenings, as well as little technical hang-ups during the screenings.

Big surprise was the appearance of something called  a “breakdown reel.”  Snipped from DVD Savant is the following:

After the movie they ran the film’s “breakdown reel”, a special reel prepared for showing in the event of technical difficulties to give the projectionists time to solve the problem. The breakdown reel for Search for Paradise featured Lowell Thomas interviewing the film’s composer, Dimitri Tiomkin. Tiomkin’s widow was present for the screening. (She was only introduced as “a member of the Tiomkin family”; Craig Reardon tipped me off during the intermission that she was his widow.)

Pity there’s no extant Cinerama cinema in Canada. The few we had were either murdered by developers or converted into other kinds of venues.

Coming next: reviews of Detropia (2012) and Requiem for Detroit? (2010), both currently screening at The Bloor, plus a quick review of Packaged Goods: The Evolution of the Music Video which screened Wednesday night at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

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