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January 25, 2013 | By

Two more years? For God's sake! What's wrong with you people!

First some local horror: Rob Ford has been granted stay by the city courts and may continue his reign as the city’s worst mayor for another 2 years. This should give opponents from the left, right, and centre plenty of time to tally up his fresh blunders before he’s replaced – unless the voting populace really wants another term with a mayor incapable of raising private funds for subways and related infrastructure.

Funniest moment of the day: brother Doug Ford looking straight into a CTV reporter’s camera, expressing the virtue of being “humbled,” and thanking the public for their support. Pure theatrics, if not delusion. Rob Ford thanks ‘thousands of supporters,’ which may in fact be all he really has.

This entire legal headache has dragged on for far too long, wasting time & money, but it taught the courts a lesson: Don’t make poor rulings and wait two days before clarifying what ought to have been done on the bench at decision time. Ridiculous.

Moving on.

Just uploaded is a lengthy review of Hammer House of Horror [M], Synapse’s new 5-disc set with remastered episodes presented in the original broadcast order. As the teaser text says, this is a surprisingly fun series with few duds. Pity it never enjoyed a run beyond Season 1.

Coming next:  Steel Magnolias on Blu-ray (Twilight Time) – that classic chick flick which shows how people can be as beautiful as magnolias, but all steely in constitution.



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