Steel Magnolias (1989) drips onto Blu

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That hairstyle was never in style, people.

There’s no doubt there are two distinct audiences for weepies, otherwise known in more sexist terms as women’s pictures, which, if you think about it, Steel Magnolias [M] (1989) really is: the story of a newlywed whose pregnancy endangers her life [spoiler: she croaks in the lengthy final act] yet manages to enjoy a full existence on this mortal coil because of her mother and assorted female friends.

The husband’s in there, too, but Robert Harling’s play and adapted screenplay are exclusively about how the women socialize, cope with each other’s personas, and deal with a deepening illness that they know will likely claim their most important person.

Known more for launching Julia Roberts’ career (and landing her an Oscar nomination), Magnolias isn’t really for non-weepie fans – not because it’s wholly manipulative like the wretched What Dreams May Come (1998) but due to its rather rich maudlin tone. It’s still a fascinating curio, if not an impressive showcase of some of the era’s top talent, but the unconvinced may wish to follow up a viewing with a car chase movie or giant mutant cabbage roll epic in 3D.

Twilight Time’s Blu-ray is very nice, and I’ve uploaded a review where I also compare the unique extras on both the 2012 Blu and the older 2000 Sony DVD.

Coming next: a movie about fast-moving cars. What else did you expect?



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