James Coburn is… Our Man Flint!

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According to Derek, bliss is at its maximum peak when surrounded by endowed devotees.

A little tight on time as the week comes to an end, with no shortage of material to edit and post, including an interview with The Call‘s composer, John Debney (which ought to be up by the end of Friday).

Just uploaded is a review of Twilight Time’s new Blu-ray edition of Our Man Flint [M] (1966), the first film adventure of probably the best spy-spoof character ever: Derek Flint.

For actor James Coburn, his star status rose from bit actor (see the 1957 live teleplay The Night America Trembled for his literal walk-on) to supporting actor in The Magnificent Seven (1960) and new contract star at Fox.

The studio made two feature films + one TV movie, and packaged the lot in a 2006 Ultimate Flint set. Between TT’s two Flint BR’s are all the extras (minus the TV movie), plus new booklet liner notes and isolated stereo tracks of Jerry Goldsmith’s fun scores.

I’ll have a review of the sequel, In Like Flint (1967), this weekend, plus another set of soundtrack reviews.



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