Alamo Bay Makes It to Blu-Ray

October 28, 2013 | By

Spent the weekend plotting and editing the teaser trailer for my experimental film BSV 1172, a very non-talking head doc on Toronto’s video store Bay Street Video.

Expect the trailer to be live by the end of the week, with some teasing money shots of the trippy imagery that’s very much part of the film, and footage of the two vintage tube cameras used almost exclusively during filming – the Canon VC-50 Pro and Sharp QC-54, both about 28 years old and still working swell.

Just uploaded is a review of Twilight Time’s Alamo Bay [M] Blu-ray, which features an isolated stereo track of Ry Cooder’s score.  Rather odd this film never made it to DVD, considering Criterion has issued several of the director’s films on disc, including 1981’s My Dinner with Andre (which never grew on me in spite of its strong fan base), Elevator to the Gallows (1957), and separate collections of his best-known French dramas and documentaries.

Coming next: Part 2 of my podcast interview with Fabio Frizzi, a terrible-fascinating CanCon TV movie from 1976, a review of Grindhouse’s exemplary Corruption Blu-ray, and another quartet of soundtrack reviews.





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