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Just uploaded is a pair of Doctor Who soundtrack albums from Silva Screen, recently issued as digital albums as teasing tasters for the 11-disc ultimate set that’s due soon from the label.

Silva mined the BBC archives for a huge array of music which will come packaged in a wooden Tardis box. Who wouldn’t want this on their mantle?

Reviewed are Roger Limb’s full score for Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani [M] (1984) and Silva’s 2-disc distillation of their 4-disc Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Collection [M] edition. I’ll have another set of soundtrack reviews shortly, but first some site related news.

Beginning tomorrow (Thursday December 12), content will only be uploaded to the mobile site, which itself will undergo some overhauls as I settle on a theme that can carry more info than the mobile edition. The original site at is all html – there is no php involved – which was a decision based on time and money; the mobile edition was created for portable devices which weren’t as adept in loading heavy visual details.

In short, both designs are old, weary, and absurdly time-consuming. I think I detailed the insane tasks involved to manage both sites in a prior blog (itself another endeavor) and with filmmaking and experimenting now important activities, there’s simply no need to display the same content on two sites. The original concept wasn’t dumb, but where things are now, there’s far too many redundancies.

Moreover, as the doc – BSV 1172 – does the festival rounds, I’ll be busy crafting related materials – featurettes and related shorts on vintage gear – plus slowly assembling the necessaries for a DVD release, in addition to covering home video and soundtrack reviews.

So things will shift in specific stages. All new reviews will appear only on the mobile site beginning tomorrow, and the use of “[M]” to denote mobile versions will disappear; when you see a linked review, it’ll go straight to the mobile site.

Like The DigitalBits (who did a huge site overhaul this year), I’ll keep the old site on the server so that content never disappears. (Besides, the idea of re-pasting new links into 1500+ IMDB film reviews and 500+ soundtrack reviews at the IMDB and isn’t a fun thought.)

I’ve a few additional shorts to complete in December – January, after which I’ll overhaul the mobile site using a nicer, cleaner, and hopefully easier to update Word Press theme.

Coming next: Love is a Many-Splendored Thing and Brian De Palma’s Body Double on Blu-ray from Twilight Time.





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