Podcast Interview with Composer Ronen Landa

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RonenLanda_picIn early February, composer & musician Ronen Landa spoke to KQEK.com about his latest scores: the comedy Cavemen (2013), and the horror film Home (2014), his second feature film score (after The Pact) for director Nicholas McCarthy.

Landa’s skills extend to scoring comedies, dramas, documentaries, and horror, but one of his major influences remains Ennio Morricone, whose work with the famed Gruppo di improvvisazione nuova consonanza inspired the more experimental aspcts of Home.

Songs and two score cues from Cavemen are available from Lakeshore Records, whereas Landa’s Home will be released later this year. His prior score for director McCarthy, The Pact, is available from Moviescore Media.

This podcast – the first of several slated for publication this month – is the first to appear in two forms: as an audio-only podcast, and as a video-enhanced podcast.

The full podcast with visuals (480p) is available on KQEK.com’s YouTube channel:


Those wanting just the audio can hear the podcast at Libsyn:


Part of the overhaul is tied to the revamped KQEK.com – new logo, new design – and my own interest in combining a specific ‘video look’ to both the site and other endeavors which includes aspects of vintage and digital gear. This includes colours (pastel tube colours, hot / oversaturated colours typical of analogue gear), aberrations (grain, noise, digital blocks & blobs), and visual representation of the actual gear (like this site – the background texture isn’t a bird’s eye view of apartment buildings, but the front face of a VHS tape, tipped vertical).

This ‘look’ is also something I’ve explored in some recent film work (shorts, tests, and extracts) as well as my prior background & experience in transferring obsolete analogue formats to digital platforms.

Part of that approach is evident in the new Intro  + Outro Titles that bookend the latest podcast; you’ll hear the audio in the aural podcast, but will see the matching images in the YouTube version.

Those wanting to see cleaner 720p versions should check out my blog at Big Head Amusements, which also contains links to HD extracts of the Intro / Outro sections, plus the fuzzy blue backgrounds that appear whenever a small section of a music cue is heard. I’ve also written a short making-of account for the titles, with some snapshots of the timeline within Adobe Premiere.

Subsequent podcasts will feature some new background visuals, and I’ll also provide further info on the audio editing services I provide (especially transferring & editing archival audio interviews, and streamlining those discussions into a tight Q&A).

Coming next: a review of Twilight Time’s gorgeous Blu-ray edition of All the King’s Men (1949), and  Ryan Darst’s Dreamworld (2012) from Sneak Attack.



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