Podcast Interview with Nima Fakhrara + the music of The Signal (2014)

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Signal2014I’m keeping things brief because of a very tight prior and current week – a lot of time went into crafting the background visuals for the latest KQEK.com podcast, and there were some valuable lessons learned with Adobe After Effects. It’s maddening, brilliant software that shares some aspects of Photoshop, and it has its own peculiarities that often make one balk ‘Why did they set it up that way?!?!?!’

Case in point: you can’t create a composition and play its soundtrack or music cue in tandem. Well, actually, there is a way, but it’s highly impractical.

‘Nuff said.

The final edit of my podcast interview with Iranian-born composer Nima Fakhrara is up, and we discuss his entry into film music, classical Persian / Iranian music, and adapting and creating instruments for film projects like his brilliant score for The Signal (2014):



A making-of blog covering the nuances of the podcast visuals – basically analogue video feedback layered and treated in Adobe Premiere and After Effects – will come a bit later at Big Head Amusements.com. I shot behind-the-scenes footage and have before / after excerpts, but I’ve a few things that have to get cleared.

You can, however, check out the excerpted visuals in full HD:


On Vimeo:


 On YouTube:


I’ll have the Video Store Day post up shortly, followed by reviews of Under Fire (new on Blu from Twilight Time) + a related film that also starred Gene Hackman and Joanna Cassidy, the equally underrated The Package (MGM).

Lastly: today is election day in the city of Toronto. Please get out an vote, especially if you want to ensure the end of the so-called Ford political dynasty. (Boy, was it ever hard keeping an F-bomb out of that sentence.)




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