TJFF – American Musical Theatre: Elmer Bernstein + Film Music Masters: Jerry Goldsmith

May 13, 2012 | By

Today marks the end of the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, and I’ve uploaded reviews of two programs from the film music sidebar series.

American Musical Theatre: Elmer Bernstein [M] (1961) features a snappy, young Bernstein conducting extracts of his recent, best-known scores, and discussing his work with host Jim Morske and an audience of shiny bright musical minds from the NYC school system. There’s apparently one surviving copy at the Paley Center for Media, and it deserves to be released on DVD (if not available for online streaming).

Also reviewed (technically in 2005, in tandem with its limited DVD release) is Fred Karlin’s 1995 doc Film Music Masters: Jerry Goldsmith [M], which was also screened at TJFF. Apparently the sparkling master went over well with audiences, so prorammers should take note that A) there’s an interest in the doc; and B) it is possible to screen the film for public enjoyment beyond YouTube rips.

Lastly, some quick flm music news. As reported on the FSM Message Board, Varese Sarabande will anounce titles in their Varese Encore series. Timed for the label’s 35th anniversary, Encore will bring back into circulation (presumably as a limited series) remastered versions of long out of print titles.

Also reported on the FSM board, BSX Records is releasing a re-ecorded version of Tangerine Dream’s Legend (1986) score. The griping has aleady begun, but I’m looking forward to hearing their spin on this much-maligned score. It’s not the original recording, but given Universal cheated fans by including mono cuts from the album as a phony-ish isolated DVD score track in 2002, it’ll be a while until the master tapes ever make it to CD. (Then again, you nver know.)

I’m taking a short vacation this week, but will try and post some eflective blogs from afar, plus a few reviews that have been sitting in the archives for a bit.



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