CD: Castlevania – Lords of Shadow (2010)

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Castlevania_LordsOfShadow2010Score: Excellent

Label: Sumthing Else

Released:  October 29, 2013

Tracks / Album Length:  22 tracks / (70:21)

Composer: Oscar Araujo

Special Notes:  Includes colour booklet.




Óscar Araujo’s gorgeous score for Konami’s 2010 reboot of their video game franchise – in which knights battle against supernatural forces – is definitely epic. The orchestral scope and cues with mixed chorus chanting Latin liturgies are stunning – but the score is surprisingly bereft of generic musical clichés. Araujo’s focus is on the Medieval period, with cues that unravel with grace, action material that rises instead of pumps and thunders, and thematic cues that often force the listener to contemplate (“Love Lost” is a stunner).

The album features a balanced mix of action, tension, and bonding – a web-only ltd. ed. in will feature 20+ mins. of score – with edits & sequencing providing a genuinely engrossing journey.  This isn’t an album for background playing: like any great work, you’re compelled to stop, sit, and appreciate the beauty of Araujo’s writing.



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