CD: Dead Rising 3 (2014)

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Label: Capcom / Sumthing Else

Released:  November 26, 2013

Tracks / Album Length:  CD1: 23 tracks + CD2: 25 tracks

Composer: Oleksa Lozowchuk, Traz Damji, Sascha Dikiciyan, Brian Reitzell, Celldweller, Jeremy Soule and Julian Soule, Ashtar Command, and Dave Genn.

Special Notes:  Includes colour booklet.




Amid the throbbing bass and coarse guitar licks that dominate the score cues on CD1, the spirit of John Carpenter (in association with Alan Howarth) vary from subtle to dominant within a substantive group of cues, which is quite a feat given the 23 cuts were scored by 8 composers (including Brian Reitzell).

Written to amp up scoping, skulking, combat, and fast flight actions, the music features quick-rising intros, heavy chords, simple rhythmic hooks, voice samples, and swirling synth figures, but lacking any overt central themes and developments, the action tracks start to sound increasingly similar, weakening the intended impact of this otherwise well-produced set.

CD2’s songs – spanning a mix of metal, Latin, punkish dance – offer a counterbalance, and the set’s aggressive (and beautifully engineered sound) is engaging, but its sexy fusion of metal, electronica, and aggressive rhythms is ultimately undermined by a tangible monotony. In addition to a CD release, a 99-track (!) release of Dead Rising 3 is available exclusivey from Sumthing Else.



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